Everything you need to know about Coconut Wax Candles - Why is it better?

Everything you need to know about Coconut Wax Candles - Why is it better?

Would you prefer not to use ordinary candles that only illuminate your surroundings?

Enter the world of coconut wax candles—a captivating fusion of aesthetics, aroma, and eco-consciousness. These candles don't just light up your home; they transform it into a haven of allure and enchantment, casting a spell with their captivating fragrances and unique visual appeal. 

Choosing the right candle wax is more than just a matter of preference; it's about crafting an atmosphere that reflects your taste and values. You're in for a treat if you crave a fragrant home without harmful chemicals. 

Say goodbye to conventional candles loaded with synthetic additives and embrace coconut wax's gentle, eco-friendly embrace. In this journey, we'll explore the wonders of coconut wax candles and uncover why they're the ultimate choice for those seeking beauty and substance in their decor.

What Is Coconut Wax & How is it made?

Coconut wax, often hailed as the 'green' candle wax, is a unique and eco-conscious alternative in candle-making. Its composition is a blend of hydrogenated coconut oil, making it a natural, renewable resource. This wax traces its origins to the lush palm groves of tropical regions where coconuts thrive. 

Unlike conventional paraffin wax, coconut wax is free from harmful petroleum by-products and synthetic additives, ensuring a cleaner, toxin-free burn. Its lower melting point allows for a longer-lasting, evenly distributed fragrance release, making it superior to other waxes like soy or beeswax. 

The journey of coconut wax from palm to candle is a testament to nature's sustainability and craftsmanship.

Advantages of Incorporating Coconut Wax Candles In Your Home

  1. Clean and Sustainable Sourcing

Imagine lighting a candle knowing it was born from sustainable practices. Coconut wax candles offer just that. They're crafted from the fruit of coconut palms, a renewable resource that doesn't deplete the environment. There is no deforestation or harm to ecosystems, just clean, conscious production that leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

      2. Clean-Burning Properties

Coconut wax candles are champions of clean burning. Say goodbye to the sooty residue left behind by paraffin candles. When you light a coconut wax candle, it releases no harmful toxins or pollutants into your home. It's like inviting nature's pristine breath into your living space, fostering a healthier atmosphere.

      4. Excellent Scent Throw

The aroma is where coconut wax candles truly shine. They excel at scent throw, meaning you enjoy your chosen scent's full, unadulterated fragrance. Whether you prefer calming lavender, zesty citrus, or cozy vanilla, coconut wax candles infuse your home with a rich, lasting aroma that will delight your senses.

      5. Long-Lasting and Even Burn

These candles are in it for the long haul. Their high melting point means they burn more slowly, ensuring a longer lifespan for your candle. They burn evenly, eliminating the dreaded tunneling effect that plagues inferior candles. With coconut wax candles, you'll savor every moment of their warm, comforting glow.

The Production Process Of Coconut Wax

  1. Harvesting and processing coconuts: It all starts with carefully Harvesting mature coconuts. These coconuts are then opened, and white flesh is extracted. This coconut flesh then goes through drying, grating, and then cold-pressing to extract coconut oil. 
  2. Hydrogenation and refining: The coconut oil is subjected to a hydrogenation process, where hydrogen gas is added to convert unsaturated fatty acids into saturated ones. This makes the oil solid at room temperature. It is refined to remove any remaining impurities and achieve the desired consistency and quality.
  3. Blending with other waxes: To enhance its properties, coconut wax may be blended with natural waxes like soy or beeswax. This blending process allows manufacturers to customize the wax for specific applications, such as candle-making or cosmetics, resulting in a unique and versatile coconut wax product.

Why Using Coconut Wax Is Better Than Using Any Other Alternative?

Using coconut wax offers several advantages over other alternatives. Numerous varieties are also available in this, like pumpkin coconut candles. Firstly, it's a sustainable choice that comes from renewable coconut resources. Coconut wax also burns cleaner, producing minimal soot and smoke. It boasts a longer burn time, making it more economical for candle makers. 

Additionally, it has excellent fragrance-holding properties, releasing scents more effectively. Its natural, eco-friendly profile and performance benefits make coconut wax a superior choice for environmentally-conscious and quality-driven consumers.


The merits of using coconut wax are undeniable. Its sustainability, clean burning, extended burn time, and fragrance-holding qualities make it a standout choice. If you want to experience the best coconut wax candles, it is best to explore Baglunch Products. Our collection includes exquisite coconut wax candles and enticing options like the Ocean Driftwood candle. 

Embrace coconut wax's natural beauty and exceptional performance, and let Baglunch Products illuminate your space with eco-friendly luxury.


Q1: Why is coconut wax considered better than other waxes?

Coconut wax is sustainable, clean burning with minimal soot, longer burn time, and excellent fragrance retention. It's also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Q2: Is coconut wax suitable for sensitive individuals with allergies?

Coconut wax is hypoallergenic and tolerable, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies or sensitivities to traditional paraffin wax.

Q3: Where can I find products made from coconut wax?

You can find various coconut wax products, including candles, at specialty stores, online retailers, and eco-conscious brands like Baglunch Products.

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